How to set up an online travel agency?

Starting an online travel agency is one of the most successful and fashionable businesses of recent times.

Would you like to start in the business of online travel agencies?

We explain the steps you have to take to set up an Online travel agency.

Define your product

What kind of eCommerce Website Dubai do you want to start? Do you want to specialise in Hotels and Airline Tickets or want to sell typical travel packages such as flights, hotels, sightseeing, etc…

The usual thing nowadays is that the Shopify development Dubai specialise in some thematic destination or typology of the client, for example: Safari trips, Dhow Cruise or trips for singles.

However, all travel agencies that have systems for online booking of flights, hotels, activities, circuits and much more are proliferating. Find what you want to sell and get to work.

Consult with an eCommerce Website Dubai consultant.

Undoubtedly when opening an online travel agency, it is important to know the tourism sector as well as to know the eCommerce operation of a reservation system.

In each type of agency, an  Web Design Sharjah technology works better. For example, for specialised travel agencies, the ideal is to have a product manager of their own while in a multi-service travel agency the client seeks to book online instantaneously. Ask for help from an eCommerce Website Dubai consultant, tell him your idea and let yourself be helped by the best experts. At Si3 Digital, we have an eCommerce Consultants team to facilitate setting up an Online Travel Agency with complete integration from DMC’s, GDS, Payment Gateways.

Discover the legal requirements to set up your eCommerce Website Dubai for travel agency.

In tourism industry, as in all sectors of activity, there is a necessary regulation to operate as an online travel agency (OTA).

The legal requirements of any Online travel agency are as follows:

Have a mandatory guarantee, liability insurance and register a business name for the agency.

In addition to this there are some particularities for each Autonomous Community so we recommend once again that you have an eCommerce Consultant with expertise in Online Travel Agency to help you.

The time it takes to manage a license will depend on each autonomous board. Before applying for an eCommerce Website Dubai license, it is advisable to know how many days it may take to receive the documentation to start operating as an Online travel agency. Do you want to get an eCommerce Website Dubai licence? Si3 Digital will help you process it so that you only have to worry about selling.

Create an attractive and easy-to-use eCommerce Website Dubai to make life easier for your customers. At the level of web development, design should never be at odds with usability.

Needless to say, that the first thing is to have a responsive technology to not lose even one of the visits we have from the mobile.


Nowadays adapting to a smartphone is not an option. It has a team of experienced professionals who know the importance of the details when developing an online travel agency.

You can also have many marketing tools that will make your clients easier to navigate: Live support chat, promotional codes to offer discounts, clear and concise contact forms … Everything for your clients to enjoy the experience of browsing on your online travel agency. If you want to develop a web page for your travel agency you are in good hands, in Si3 Digital we help you to have your online travel agency have the best image. You can see some of our projects here.

Consult with experts for Digital Marketing

One misconception is to think that when setting up an online travel agency, spending on promotion and communication does not exist. That we do not have a place that costs us the monthly rent does not mean that we should not invest.

The positioning is a concept that will have to be common in your vocabulary, like many others related to Website Maintenance Dubai. If you do not have the possibility to train in digital marketing and promotion techniques, consult with experts who are dedicated to it and will help you.


In every business you have to have patience and progress little by little. In an online travel agency we have to work periodically to enter a market that already has a great offer. Therefore, the first internal action we must do is to think: How are we different? What can we offer our clients that is different from the rest?

Why will they want to buy on our website and not another?

Knowing the point of differentiation that makes us unique as an agency is a key factor when it comes to making a hole in the market.

Start your adventure with us and we will help you step by step to turn your online travel agency into a great project.





Posted by Ricardo